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Nu-bee alert

We all gotta start out somewhere, right? Well, I was browsing and I found this place. I am very impressed by the amount of intelligent conversations that I found here regarding music, even though I didn't always agree with what was being said. Anyway,I am obsessed with music. I drive my friends crazy; because I talk about it so much. That's why I decided to join here. I really need a place to discuss music. Well, I've played the violin for 7 years and last year, after getting my 5-string fretted Viper, I began trying to teach myself to play rock. Yeah, it has not yet been successful; and often, it has been rather discouraging. It's hard to break yourself out of the classical music genre, esp. when there are no current non-classical or fiddle materials for violins. I wait anxiously for Mark Wood's book, he is an amazing Violinist that I think everyone should hear. Yes, even you. Watching him on his 7-string Viper is the most inspiring sight I have ever been blessed enough to witness. Maybe you guys can see him around Halloween, when he tours as Lead Viper for Van Helsing's Curse. He's a really nice guy too; he built my violin.

Sites of things that I mentioned:
Mark Wood's artist site:
Wood Violins (if you want to see a Viper, go here):
Van Helsing's Curse (brain-child of Dee Snider, inspired by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra):
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