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i've never posted on here

but i've got nothing else to do..
i was wondering, have any of you noticed your musical taste ever change, i mean..tastes themselves change, as you age and whatnot, but i've noticed i've been listening to what i never would have say, a year or so ago..
i.e. i've always claimed to hate blink 182..and yet lately..i've been enjoying them. i love finding something that has been gone for a long time too..i used to go to school listening to the prodigy in my brother's car..back in like, '97 / '98..and recently have found the cd again.. instantly..it all came back, and it was great to find something i loved when i'd been looking for something new.
i'm not as in depth into my music as a lot of people are into theirs, and that doesnt really bother me, all i like to do is listen, and if i learn a little something, cool, i just dont want it to be some lesson..
dont get me wrong..there are really great deep thought provoking songs out there..and i dont care if it will be trite if isnt already so..but pink floyd's time is a fav because it's just plain kick ass..i'm not going to evaluate the lyrics for you, after all i could be wrong on my interpretation, all i can do is suggest it. we each have our own perspective, opinions, and musical taste, i respect everyones, or at least try to..
i hope i didnt offend anyone in some obscure way or piss off a horde of people.
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