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Covers & Tributes!

I'm listening to a new Queen tribute album called "Killer Queen", as with most things that have a different band playing each song, it's a bit inconsistant, but Constantine did a damn good job with Bohemian Rhapsody, Sum 41 did excellently with Killer Queen (quite a suprise to me!), but I didn't really like Flaming Lip's version of Bohemian Rhapsody...Antigone Rising doing Fat Bottomed Girls was interesting.

Anyways, I like hearing covers of bands I love, the four string quartet tribute to metallica is great imo, and I LOVE Mindless Self Indulgence's version of Tom Sawyer (I wouldn't mind hearing a 5 minute version of 2112) but I wonder, what does the community at large think of such things? Do you believe that it detracts from the original music, or ruins it (as many think of film re-makes) or that it is a cool way for current groups to pay tribute to those that inspired them (although maybe there are a bit too many Beatles and Elvis covers out there....)?
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i think they are cool, as long as they don't completely ruin the song. i do think, however, they are only cool in moderation. i get tired of covers eventually.

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i like covers, well some. I don't like bands that do TONS of covers and seem to do nothing else.
I'm found of Deftones covers, not because I love the Deftones, but because they did a good job ^^
Any metalhead out there should listen to "Nativity In Black," the Black Sabbath tribute two disk set. It is AMAZING. Even the Nu-Metal bands have such fantastic covers (System Of A Down covering Snowblind, for example)
I like some covers. Usually I will give the band the benefit of the doubt before deciding. As with everything, there are exceptions. Marilyn Manson needs to stop ruining my favorite songs! I was devastated when I found out that he covered "Personal Jesus". I love Gary Jules cover of "Mad World" and I think I prefer Alien Ant Farm's cover of "Smooth Criminal" better than the original.
MM covered "Personal Jesus"? Oh man, that would be a disaster! I love Johnny Cash's cover of that song though.
They can be good, I've got a String Quartet Tribute to Dashboard Confessional and like it, however I've also seen an electric guitar tribute to Dashboard Confessional, and it's horrible Dashboard Confessional is not meant to be shredded out. But all in all they can be good alblums
they need to stop having tribute albums to bands such as good charolette and linkin park
Actually that's prolly a good idea! If someone actually wants to pay tribute to good charlotte or linkin park, its a fairly good indication that you'd want to avoid buying that group's albums.
Well, it really depends. Apocalyptica was amazing to me, the version of Welcome Home(Sanitarium) was just amazing. They really showed off their colorful side as classicists, and showed off the true musicianship that once was Metallica.

If anyone heard the Bohemian Rhapsody cover on Live 8, it was effing lame as hell. I hated it. There are just some songs you don't jack with, and that is one of them. And Metallica should not play Whiskey In The's not funny. Also, Korn playing Pink Floyd is disgusting...what next, Hawthorne Heights covering Stairway To Heaven?

Sometimes, though, covers are better than the original, this is especially true to older songs...I like Guns N' Roses' version of Live and Let Die more than Paul McCartney's. I also really love Me First And The Gimme Gimmes. Thier version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is great...really takes me back to when I first heard it.
Who covered "bohemian rhapsody" at live 8? I heard green day's cover of "we are the champions", and that totally sucked (sounding like a whiney aging punk rocker is not a good thing with that song).

I forgot korn playing pink I wish, how I wish they'd use a different bass playing technique!

One thing I forgot to mention is ozzy's cover songs, I felt "working class hero" was better when john lenon sang it.
d'oh sorry wrong song...I was in a hurry I didn't mean to write that was We Are The Champions I was talking about.