Scotty (thefremen) wrote in critique_music,

Covers & Tributes!

I'm listening to a new Queen tribute album called "Killer Queen", as with most things that have a different band playing each song, it's a bit inconsistant, but Constantine did a damn good job with Bohemian Rhapsody, Sum 41 did excellently with Killer Queen (quite a suprise to me!), but I didn't really like Flaming Lip's version of Bohemian Rhapsody...Antigone Rising doing Fat Bottomed Girls was interesting.

Anyways, I like hearing covers of bands I love, the four string quartet tribute to metallica is great imo, and I LOVE Mindless Self Indulgence's version of Tom Sawyer (I wouldn't mind hearing a 5 minute version of 2112) but I wonder, what does the community at large think of such things? Do you believe that it detracts from the original music, or ruins it (as many think of film re-makes) or that it is a cool way for current groups to pay tribute to those that inspired them (although maybe there are a bit too many Beatles and Elvis covers out there....)?
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